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:bulletgreen:Minor Thieves:bulletgreen:

NOTE: Any deviant listed here with the words "Suspected Thief" in the link name CANNOT be reported on until they've been completely confirmed as a true thief. This is just to make sure this group stays out of trouble with the Admins and problems regarding mistaken thieves.

Daisuki Evidence here -->…

Stolen Wallpaper


weejiamin Evidence here -->…










Off-site Thief



geleca Read journal here… for more info









Journal About a Thief

Another Journal About a Thief



Account Jumper


Kaiseron's gallery is nothing but stolen.

Suspected Thief KanaHyde's possibly traced or smudged or filtered (the latter two being done in PS). I would just like to know for sure which it is before I list her as a definite thief so that people can report appropriately, but I am pretty darn sure there's something up. Nevertheless, DO NOT report her until she becomes a definite thief. It won't do anyone any good anyhow until we find some evidence URL to link to when reporting and find out what category it should be under.

A Ton of Similar-Fashion Tumblr-Like Accounts are springing up all over the place. Check out the comment linked in the former sentence to see a full explanation.

BarRafaeli Posts stolen pics of models. TinEye search the page and you'll find tons of results.

64AnimeGirl ADMITS images aren't hers. She steals anime pics, wallpapers and stolen manga covers from Google, and she does occasionally trace some of the stuff she steals.

:new: RomanceSakura steals art from other deviants/sites. I know this is a thief due to the tell-tale changing style and the fact that a kind deviant went and confirmed on the images that they weren't his/hers. You can find his/her confirming comments on some of the thief's images, which they haven't hidden yet.

:new: YukiSnowShingami recolored a Lucky Star pic. Original here -->… If they're using a base, they aren't crediting...There's more, but you should be able to find it fairly easily...

:new: Darkressxx stole a (Hatsune Miku I believe? Idk which character it is for sure...) pic. The link takes you right to it...

:new: babyyyyyyy steals pics that aren't hers. I also have a link to an origianl version of a stolen piece that is in her gallery -->…

More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

Screenshots-Chad Lieberman
LEAVE  HER ALONE ! ! by Rainstar-of-LakeClan
Original Art
Typical Art Thief Excuses by Pupavegan
Art4Love Theft Stolen Artwork
Minor Thief Screenshots-Ban Evaders


Art Thief Spotting :iconfritsa-wolf:Fritsa-Wolf 6 18
Copyright? Stock? Art Theft? Don't Panic.
There are amazing articles on this subject. I wanted to gather links to some of them, so maybe they can reach more people. Because this subject really does need to be known by more people! Too many deviations violating copyright laws are floating around. It is just not OK. deviantART is a site about art. It is for artists, professional or not, to showcase their work, to exchange thoughts, ideas, critiques. It is for art appreciators to show some love to art. It definitely is not a place to submit images without even caring if you have any right to do that. Many of these people do not have an idea of what they are doing is art theft. Some of them are doing it intentionally. I want to cover copyright issues, stock images, how to use them, and what to do when you find stolen art. Nothing new. Just a reminder.
Table of Contents:
Art Theft? Don't Panic.
What are stock images?
Fan Art And Copyright
Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
Articles About Copyright And Sto
:iconartbymba:artbymba 57 50
Please report these images | Dokuga | Youtube | Akiru Group| Trinity Blood Community
Since I see some respected artist I watch do something similar in one or two journal postings of theirs. I thought I'd share like them what image I am seeing that should not be here in any sharp, form or religion:no: For those of us whom try our best to respect the rules within this community and website and are not for users; uploading images that are not of their own creation regardless of they argue of providing link for the where they got the images from. Despite what a lot of people who think this website being similar
:iconsmcandy:smcandy 2 60
Thief posing with stolen art :iconjust-a-user:just-a-user 51 117 art4love report -please help- :iconsambees:sambees 1,949 292 MASSIVE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT :iconalexiuss:alexiuss 19,580 6,489




Group Info

Thanks to moonnightsilver for the icon template. We're a group that seeks to destroy 'big boss' thieves such as Chad Lieberman. We compile info and evidence here for easy access, and we also offer frequent updates when pursuing a thief.

Anyone can join-just be sure to read the Rules ( major-thief-hunters.deviantart… ) and Submission Rules ( major-thief-hunters.deviantart… )
Founded 6 Years ago
Aug 18, 2011


Group Focus
Common Interest

288 Members
328 Watchers
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Daily Pageviews

Current Major Thief: Chad Lieberman

Group Bulletin and Portal

To All Potential Members

You may now join! Please remember to familiarize yourself with our rules, though!

:bulletgreen:Group Links:bulletgreen:

Conduct Rules and Group Info- major-thief-hunters.deviantart…
Submission Rules- major-thief-hunters.deviantart…
Main Info Blog- major-thief-hunters.deviantart…

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Chad Info:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Other Sites:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:These sites also have useful info on Chad or are dedicated to stopping him.

:bulletgreen:Important Links and Info:bulletgreen:

Original Site (down)

Current Sites Hiding On

POSSIBLY but also

Possible hint to new site?-…

Possibly moved to Smrtag?-

Has his own website- chadlovelieberman.businesscard…

Links to more of his accounts-…

Possibly here???-…

Copyright Laws

FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection Link (dunno if this applies or helps us imparticular yet)-

Check your State's laws-…

Links to Copyright Laws(?)-…

Links to many of Chad's other sites he's on (scroll down 'till you get to Christopher RoboLegs Landman's comment)-…

Copyright Info-…

Chad's Site Info

Possible IP Addresses-…

Contact Info- Art4Love official number: +1 877 226 5884
His uncle senator Joseph Lieberman: +1 202 224 3121
Address: 10120 Forest Hill Boulevard Wellington, FL 33414-6106


Victim Help

Possible Lawsuit In the Future and Help For Victim Artists-…
Received this as a Note from PlantyHamchuk

"I want to let each of you know that Art4Love has informed us that they have sold their art collection to an investor and thus will be removing all of the images that we licensed from them to use in the game.

Therefore in order to continue with the game MARK YOUR SPOT will be working directly with ARTISTS seeking Personal-PR and BRUNCH! - Should you be interested to UPLOAD images and start your own BRUNCH game in your area.

We sincerely apologize for any confusion that arose from our relationship with ART4LOVE or if its Executives have misrepresented their ownership of your works.
MARK YOUR SPOT & LifestYle Brokers Inc. only has intentions to assist Artists and Entrepreneurs to build community and strengthen the identity of those like-minded people.

Please direct all your issues regarding digital copyrights directly with
A4L / / Chad Love Lieberman at: 917-363-6400

from -…

Note that art4love used paypal, and that paypal account was - I called paypal to shut it down, but they wrote back and told me that they need specific individual artists involved to contact them. IME paypal is really good about draining the accounts of these types of guys, in case that is any incentive to anyone involved.

-concerned art fan"

Stolen Work

Full list of stolen work-…


Downloadable Screenshots-…

Selling copyrighted characters. Can we contact the companies?-… and…

Stolen book info-……


Stole Content from GaiaOnline and JenZee-…

Stolen book info-……


Selling plagiarized books?-……… Original here-……………………

His own photos-…

Compare and Find Pics-…

More screenshots-…

More Art Screenshots-…

Screenshots of Online Articles…

Screenshots of Chad's Brag Blog and Art4Life-…

Screenshots of Michael Perez Gallery Just In Case-…

More screenshots of various removed Chad stuff (have to scroll down a bit to find the post, but it's on that page)-…

More Info from another website-…

Cached Art4Love via Google Chrome-…

The Work Where He Complained About Whiny Artists Plagiarized?-…





:bulletgreen:Other Info:bulletgreen:

Info on Chad Pravda VS. Chad Lieberman-…

Quote saying he made $350,000 in a month off of his stolen art-…

Facebook event-…

DC is now officially ticked-…

Another link about him-…

An artistic response-…

Brags about artists' 'bawling' over getting no money when someone else sells their work-…

His album on…

Youtube Music Video of him.………

Possible Info On His Locations??? Still Investigating...-…

Possible acquaintances, partners, and family??? Still investigating...-… and…

Original writer of most of Chad's articles (including the one about artists complaing about how they should get over people using their art)-…

Breaking promises-…

Rap concert?-…

Disney Mad at Unrelated(???) Site-…

One of the Victims of Plagiarism an Attorney (possible help?)-…

More info on possible acquaintances-…

Possible Music Related Stuff-…

Possibly Sold His Entire Art4Love Collection?-…

Puppet Accounts and Blaming Chinese-…

Self-Promotion and Possible Address-…

Casperium's Stuff being sold on eBay-…

Starting To Remove His Stuff + Youtube Video-…

Continuing to Blame The Chinese-…

Trying to Auction Another (Stolen???) Piece-…

Youtube Video Response-…

Another article-…

More various info about him from Twitter and digg-…

CNN iReport-…

More info from…

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Other Thieves:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Other Major Thieves:bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Minor Thieves:bulletgreen:

If there is a piece of data out of place, feel free to tell me, and I will move it.


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Galehawk Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist need help with this little boy he has been caught over 20 times stealing peoples art telling him he could get banned doesn't seem to get into his head, he at one point was trying to sell someone work for prints. and even has two works by others he is trying to pass off as commissions. He is now trying to pass off base art which I'm guessing he just stolen from others who had already colored it before as adoptions and trying to say he drew them or some person which he just made up. This needs to stop he is now posting screenshots of youtube videos animations.
durradurra Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017
ATTENTION Pirate Art and spamer !!!!
Mileswonder Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2016
Hello - we are an account dedicated to helping stop theft, and would love it if we could advertise your group / join.
Thank you.
Gemstrike Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist…

This blatant art thief believes that stealing doesn't mean a bad person.
nathal32 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! :wave:
Recently, I noticed that a  user i used to watch, , has a gallery full of stolen artwork.
I have warned some of the original artists, but here is some proof:






And the list goes on. =p
beachbead Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist… (art thief taking credit for others hard work, saying she drew them in fact she didn't also will block people.)

real artists is…… (stolen.)

real artists is…… (stolen.)

real artists is… (stolen.)

real artists is…… (stolen, she even blocked out the real artists sig at the bottom.)

real artists is…

she does remove the art if the real artists asks but other than that blocks anyone who tells her to remove said art she is also 12 years old she has to be 13 years old to be on this site. and she keeps on posting stolen art.
Gemstrike Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Student Digital Artist
grantgman has been stealing and recoloring copyrighted works, particularly turning young anime characters into genies. Put it that way, and he might be committing pedophilia. See the gallery:…
Raben-Katze Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
hi guys please help a friend from me out...this girl is tracing her pose and make points out of it...we reported her and ask her polite to take it down, but she hide the comments and also are the proofs:


stolen art:


please help us !
Reiuu Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There is this one person who steals art from people who don't have deviantart and claiming that she is them and asking for core
Her accounts (some accounts with her art and some with stolen): (art stolen from (stolen from (some art is stolen from…)… (stolen from…)…
She may have more accounts
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